Shrine of Pir Haji Ali : Miracle or Natural Phenomena

Shrine of Pir Haji Ali is one of the most visited religious place in India, located in southern Mumbai. It was built in 1431 by a wealthy merchant.  Regardless of religious knot, thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine on Thursday and Friday. Some people believe that one of the live miracle of this tomb is how sea covers the causeway after sunset and in the morning it clears the path for the visitors.

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LINQPad Error : ‘Select’ not found

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Just started using LINQPad? Following is one of the common errors that usually bother LINQPad new users.

“Could not find an implementation of the query pattern for source type ‘LINQPad.User.[ObjectName]. ‘Select’ not found.”

By default, LINQPad pluralize the table name and table properties. The solution to this problem is simple; uncheck “Pluralize EntitySet and Table properties” option in Connection properties.


Tipu Sultan–Beard or No Beard

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I know, it’s an odd topic but due to a Facebook post, I got drag into this. Few days a go,  I came across a FB post:

Tipu Sultan:

He is one of the greatest freedom fighter and a very pious person. He never missed a single tahjudh namaz ( night prayers ). He had a big beard. The photo of Tipu sultan that is all over the internet is fake. This is the real picture of Tipu Sultan …

I searched “Tipu Sultan” on Google and found illustration of him something similar to this:


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10 Words to Avoid when Visiting/Moving to USA

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Petrol – Gas

“$20 Petrol”, I asked at the fuel filling station counter. The salesperson looked at me for a few seconds as I might be speaking Chinese, but then he figured out that I am asking about Gas. It’s weird, but that is what commonly used in the US. It should be gasoline or Petrol. At least I used to think this way or may be still. That is even against the science. Petrol is a liquid, how come called Gas? But doesn’t matter what you believe. Word “Gas” is used instead.


Toilet/Washroom – Restroom

Nature’s call? Search for the “Restroom” sign. First time, at the Chicago airport. I was searching for the Toilet/Washroom sign, but couldn’t find it. I totally ignored Restroom sign as I thought, it may be some kind of quick nap area. After searching for some time, I decided to try “Restroom” as that was the only place left and finally I FOUND IT!


Footpath Sidewalk

I haven’t heard anybody using “footpath” here. It is better to use “Sidewalk” instead.


Fire Brigade  Fire Truck

One of my friends told me about this conversation between him and another person. Friend: Hey, Fire Brigade is here.
Other Person: Fire What? Friend: Yeah, Fire Brigade! That thing in red with Siren.
Other Person: You’re saying what? Fire Brigade? Bro, that’s a Fire Truck.

Moral of the story, Never use the word “Fire Brigade” use “Fire Truck” instead.


Punctured Tire Flat Tire

“Flat Tire” is more commonly used  in USA.


Dickie/Dicky/Diggy/Boot – Trunk

Always use “Trunk” instead of all alternatives.


Rubber –  Eraser

I still laugh about this incident. Those were my early days in the US. I went to my office receptionist and asked her, “Where can I find a Pencil & Rubber.” She looked at me with a shocked face as I said something really bad. “You need what!” she almost screamed. I got confused with her reaction and started to feel that I have messed up something. Quickly I started to think about the alternate words and said, “I need something to write and erase.” She started to relax, “so you need a Pencil and Eraser. Never use the word Rubber again.” I was confused that why she said that, I came to my desk, search this word and started laughing as soon as I saw the meaning of it in American English. I went back to the receptionist and said, “Now, I know the meaning of it” and then we laughed like crazy…


Bonnet – Hood

Another story from early days. I went to an Auto workshop. “Please open the Hood” the mechanic asked. That time I had no clue what he was asking. I tried few seconds searching the “Hood” inside the car and as expected couldn’t find it. “I don’t know from where to open the Hood, I just bought this car” I replied. I knew, that was a stupid reply, but it was the only way out from this situation. But anyway, sometime you have to learn the hard way.


Football is not Soccer

Want to discuss Soccer game with an American? Don’t use the word Football as they would think that you are talking about American Football.


Beverage/Soft Drink – Soda

“Soda” is more commonly used instead of “soft drinks”.

Bhulle Shah Poetry

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Koi Kehnda ‘OH’ Door Vasenda
Koi Kehnda OH rehnda Nede

( Some says he lives far, some says he is near you )

Koi Kehnda ‘OH’ Pathraan De Vich
Koi Kahe Vich Bole Mere

( Some says he is in stones, some says he is inside of you )

Koi Kehnda OH Jungleen Milda
Koi Kahe vich Milda Hanere

(Some says you get him in jungle, some says in dark he is)

Bulle Shah” mera Yaar Taan Aisa..
Oh Disda Chaar Chufere…

(Bulleh Shah says his beloved is such, that he is visible everywhere )

Is Email still relevant ??

Few days back, I saw this kid (probably around 16) at the library. I know him for a long time, but never had a chance to have a casual chitchat.

I asked him, “Did you get the email regarding social events?”

It was a random question with no intention of knowing his participation in collective activities.

He replied, “I don’t check my email.”

This unexpected reply stunned me for a moment. I continued my questioning, “Then what you do on your smart phone?”

He replied, “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Watsapp…”

This made me more curious, I asked, “Okay, then why not email?”

He replied, “Guys of my age or under, don’t use email. It is way quicker and easier for me to connect to my friends using these apps.”

I was wondering, It’s just me or people are getting weirder or maybe these “smart” devices, making people dumb orshould I simplify this and call it a “generation gap” as I am too old school now. I still remember those days, when I used to write emails to my friends who moved to distant places. Email was the only connection between us and of course phone. Use of Instant messengers like MSN or AOL (probably many people don’t even remember AOL) were limited. My dad used to dictate me long emails that he wanted to send to his friends in another country. Despite of these memories and thoughts, part of me started to believe that he may be right and these social apps are becoming alternate to the email. It may be difficult for a person like me to accept this theory that emails are becoming a secondary way for communication and these social media apps are now being used in place.

Things don’t always stay the same. If one observes, in today’s world, the main sources of communication are these apps not emailing. Adaptation to these changes might be challenging for many people. They always try to stick with the things that they are familiar with and can use with ease and maybe I am one of them. Think of a time, when it was challenging to convince someone, who is used to write letters and wait for the reply, that “email” will replace “postal mail” for personal communication or a device that will bring the whole world information into your hand. Assuredly it’s time to look ahead and start adapting these social media tools as your primary source of communication. As in near future “email” may become obsolete.